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Test Room 

Shadow Company is a mercenary themed, cross-MMO, roleplay-light/respectful guild founded and lead by Commander Bugbig since 2004. We cater to mature, no-drama gamers with a focus on fellowship, roleplay, exploration, and above all, fun. SC has been highlighted by TenTonHammer (twice!),, and listed as guildportal's top, and most active guild.

Join us on FaceBook and on Steam "TheShadowCompany"

Our motto: "For power and profit!"
Our values: Honor, loyalty, excellence.


Event Icons 


LotRO - Landroval RP

Age of Conan - Set

SW:TOR / Republic - Begeren Colony

The Secret World / Illuminati - Arcadia

GW2 - Tarnished Coast


EQ2 - Antonia Bayle (2004-2007)


Runes of Magic

Free Realms

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) - RP Campaign

WAR / Destruction - Ostermark (2008-2009)

WAR / Order - Phoenix Throne (2008-2009)

WoW / Alliance - Moon Guard

WoW / Horde - Earthen Ring

Aion / Elyos - Lumiel

Star Trek Online

Rift / Defiant - Faeblight


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